Reverend Lisa A. Williams

Lisa A Williams

Licensed Ordained Minister

16 Years Officiating Weddings

I am honored that you are considering me to officiate your wedding I would be privileged to support you on this most important wedding day!

I have been officiating wedding ceremonies for 14 years and enjoy every ceremony! I believe this is a significant part of my “calling” as a Minister.

It gives me immense pleasure to join two people together through a divine connection and sacred commitment such as this.

There is no bond deeper or stronger than this pledge you will be experiencing. I believe something very precious takes place by the exchange of vows.

It is one of life’s greatest celebrations!

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I consider myself to be a “Spiritual Minister.” Spirituality honors all paths and I embrace all faith traditions believing that there are many paths to God. It seems that many people now days don’t attend a traditional church, but do believe in a power greater than they are. I like to be of assistance to every couple that comes to me. I am able to support them in marriage, knowing that we can celebrate our faith in our own personal ways. There is a “Golden Thread” of Oneness in many faith traditions, all bringing it back to our connection with God, or Universal Life essence. I refer to the Judeo- Christian Bible, and many other sacred scriptures as sources that bring us closer to that Divine connection with God.

I am a Religious Science Minister, licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living.

My faith background includes 30 years of study in Metaphysics. I received my ministerial license in 2002, thru Holmes Institute in Lakewood, Colorado.

Religious Science is a “correlation of laws of science, opinions of philosophy and the revelations of religions applied to the needs and aspirations of human kind.”

It is one of the three most recognized New Thought Faith Traditions. We are not affiliated with Scientology or Christian Science.

The other New Thought organizations are Divine Science and Unity. New Thought traces it’s origins back to the early 1800’s, and is uniquely an American philosophy, and it honors all expressions of Christianity, Judaism to ancient Eastern traditions such as Buddhism.