One of Life’s Most Precious Occasions...

It is a miracle each and every time another baby is born. To celebrate this miracle, I believe a Baptism or Baby Blessing/Christening is a great way to express our appreciation of this little one arriving.

What a perfect way to confirm this wonderful soul into this human experience!

I believe we are born in the “Original Blessing.” Every child is a Divine unique creation of God, born to express life in his or her extraordinary way!

In the Bible on the last day of creation God said, “Let us make man in our image and in our likeness.” We are made in the image and likeness of God.

Let us honor and welcome the life of this person we are blessed to have in our lives.

There are many different ceremonies to bless this child – traditional ceremonies or spiritual blessing or Christening is an option as well.

Rodrigez Family


June 2018

Baby Whynnie

Christening Ceremony

Parker, Colorado 2008

Baby Linus

Blessing Ceremony


Baby Orion

Blessing Ceremony

Aurora, Colorado 2007



Aurora, Colorado 2007

Baptism/Baby Blessing Ceremony Fee: $200

"It is a miracle each and every time a baby is born. To celebrate this miracle, a Baptism, Baby Blessing or Christening is a great way to express our appreciation of this little one's arrival."

  • Ceremony Choices: Traditional Baptism, Spiritual Blessing, Christening

Angels Working Overtime

Listen up, my little glory, while I tell you the story, of just how you became mine. Up near Cloud Seven sits a place called Heaven, where angels work overtime. A few followed me one day, ruthlessly I'd say, and one got into my head. I tried to shake her out but she began to shout, and here is what she said: "There's a baby far from here who belongs with you, my dear. Go and bring her come, She's a gift from God above, made just for you, with Love, so you wont be alone." So I took the angels advise, didn't think twice,boarded a giant plane. I flew a whole day,and then a whole night, too, and I'd do it all again. For when the plane landed, to me, a baby was handed, and it was a dream come true.

Ceremony for Commissioning of Adoptive Parents: $200