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If you want an authentic, joy-filled ceremony, I’m the officiant for you. I will take you, my clients, on a journey of discovering who you are as a couple,then deliver a “one of a kind & sacred ceremony, ushering you and your fiance, with an intimate feel, with giggles or tears. then the scheduling link Book a 20 minute chat!

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Let’s curate a ceremony that you (and your guests) will remember for a lifetime!

Is planning your wedding ceremony making you feel clueless and stressed out? 

Let’s change that.

I help couples reconnect and de-stress during a demanding time of wedding planning by providing relationship tools, breathwork and premarital counselling as we co-create an amazing ceremony together.

I’m here to help you prepare a flawless, flowing, fabulous ceremonial day, so you can feel chill and focus on your fiancé as you prepare to spend your lives together.

You're looking for an Officiant who will…

  • “Discover who you are as a couple”
  • “Deliver a one-of-a kind, sacred ceremony”
  • “Bring an intimate feeling, with giggles or tears”
  • “Engage your family and friends”
  • “Speak confidently and clearly, even when there are tech glitches”
  • “Honor all faith traditions and special requests”
  • “Deliver a unique experience you (and your guests) will remember for a lifetime”

Lucky for you, you’re in the right place.

We Can Do It Together

One of the things that inspires me most about a wedding is being there- to support you and your fiance during one of the most important experiences of your life. I am very passionate about assisting you in creating your “heart's desire” for a perfect wedding ceremony!







Hearts Joined