"We gather that we may know, always the blessings of a home and all that a home means. We gather to anchor in our hearts the understanding that a home is created for those who live within these walls and that the energy is the essence of the people who make this house a home."

House Blessing

House Blessing

House Blessing - $200

"When moving into a new home, it is a valuable experience to "bless the space of each room". As to allow this space to become filled with your own love and energy!"

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House Clearing

House Clearing - $300

"Clearing a home is a way to make clean the space in which you are about to live in. I use cleansing properties such as sage and prayerful words that clear and release anything negative and bless this house with positive light and energy. I ofter burn sage and candles in each room as there is cleansing and purifying properties."

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House Blessing/Release

House Blessing/Release for Sale $200.00

"We ask for your blessing of this space, as the current owner has the strength to release this home into the hands of the perfect new owners, that will love and honor this home that they release for sale."

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Pet Blessing

Pet Blessing - $200

"It seems that God give us gifts of the animal - kind in all shapes and sizes. Wonderful colors and personalities and to have as companions. They are here as "furry angles" to increase our awareness of unconditional love."

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All Service Agreements Include:

  • Deposit for event booking: $200 (non-refundable)

  • Full payment requested 14 days prior to the ceremony.

  • Signed document with our event agreement

  • Travel fee will be added for ceremonies outside the Denver Metro area

  • $0.60 per mile for time, fuel and travel expenses